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Welcome To The Chilean Australian Association

Working Toward a Brighter Future


Ten years ago, the Chilean Australian Association (CASA) was established by a visionary group of Chilean professionals who had made Australia their home. Recognising the need for a unifying platform, these founders, with the invaluable support of the Chilean embassy and consulate, set out to create a community nexus. CASA was born from the aspiration to connect Chileans in Australia, both professionally and culturally, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support. Over the past decade, CASA has been the cornerstone for Chileans across the continent, providing a space where members can network, share experiences, and celebrate the rich tapestry of our shared heritage. Our journey, marked by collaboration and community spirit, has made CASA a beacon for Chileans looking to bridge their lives between these two great nations.

About Us

CASA stands as a non-profit organisation dedicated to rallying the Chilean diaspora in Australia. Our mission is to foster a vibrant portrayal of Chile by showcasing the myriad of our cultural expressions. We aim to enrich Australian society's understanding of Chile and to instil pride and cultural awareness in the younger generation of Chilean- Australians.


Our goal is to become the primary liaison in Australia for the Chilean community, championing cultural, commercial, and economic interests with a keen focus on technology and innovation. We are committed to providing essential guidance to Chilean stakeholders, facilitating their engagement with Australian opportunities and fostering an environment where cutting-edge ideas and innovative ventures can thrive

Ways We Help

The Focus of Our Efforts

Co-working space
Meeting Room Business


We promote the cultural
heritage of Chile among present and future generations of Australian-Chileans.


We create opportunities that enable Chileans and their businesses to thrive and represent our culture in Australia.


We forge connections and
create conduits between
diverse talents and skills,
facilitating a collaborative
network of professionals.

Meet Our Team

Our directors, volunteers, and collaborators bring CASA to life.

Members of the Boad

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Press Release

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Invitación Especial - Reunión de Coordinación para Evento Benéfico por Valparaíso

International Mining and Resources Conference IMARC

Januray 8, 2024

December 12, 2023

December 20, 2024

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